Hello fellow Mugwumps and Englishmen and welcome to the blog. Not another culture blog! Well I’m afraid so, but I hope our blend of high and low culture and everything in between, mixed with our witticisms and ill-advised opinions will keep you interested/moderately amused for years (or at least days) to come.

We started this blog because we’re both too ugly to start a YouTube channel, much in the same way as people too ugly for TV become radio presenters … but we all know radio presenters and bloggers have more fun, but mainly because they pick their noses, turn up to work wearing a Pikachu onesie and no one cares ... on reflection, this might just be us.

Join us here at Mugwumps and Englishmen every week for a blend of lists, recommendations, reviews, news, opinions, and podcasts. Come back tomorrow for our grand opening where a bulk of content will be released like those flying bird dinosaur thingy-bobs from Jurassic World. If you want to know more about us, then check the About Us page where you’ll find personalised introductions and a list of lists … We love lists.

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