Music: Recommendation – Night Songs by Cinderella

By James Cinderelly, Cinderelly/ Night and day it’s Cinderelly…Okay, that’s enough of that… Yes, I like the band Cinderella and I’m getting the jokes about the name out of the way now. They don’t wear glass slippers (that I know of) and I’m not convinced they owe their fame and fortune to a fairy Godmother……
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Music: My Top 12 Song Picks For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3

By James It’s no secret that I am genuinely in love with James Gunn and his incredible super sci-fi, superhero blockbusters - The Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel. Whilst I have spoken about these films in various other articles, this post has one specific topic in mind - the soundtrack. The original soundtrack…
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Film: The Top 50 Horror Movies of All Time! (Part II: 40-31)

By Bill   Don’t forget to check out last week’s entry as we started the countdown with Part I: 50-41   Join us each Thursday for another 10 entries.   The Fly - (1986) ‘Be afraid … be very afraid’ … OR what is more applicable, would be ‘be disgusted … be very disgusted’. The…
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Film: The Man That Is, Jon Favreau

By James Jon Favreau is a legend. There, done, article finished... To be honest, that sums up my opinion of him, but I’m sure you’re more interested in why I think this. Well, I shall happily oblige and indulge in some information about this magnificent man. This New Yorker is a Jack-of-all-trades and, arguably, master…
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Gaming: The Top 10 Videogame Sequels of All Time

By Bill The word ‘sequel’ is often seen as dirty, particularly in the world of cinema where they are little more than cheap, money-grabbing tie ins, with little to no value (with some notable exceptions, of course, like Aliens, T2: Judgement Day, and The Godfather Part II). This doesn’t apply to planned trilogies and sagas,…
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Literature: The Top 8 ‘Magical Realism’ Novels of All Time

By Bill I’m not going to get into the whole ‘what is magical realism?’ debate in any detail as I’ll be here until next year, so I will try to sum up this genre (sub-genre?) in a few words. Magical realism is actually tied to different cultures and their interaction with the west, as well…
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TV: Recommendation – Grace and Frankie

By Bill Disclaimer: I love this show and may become gushy … you have been warned. Grace and Frankie is a Netflix original (aren’t all the best programmes?) and the first series debuted in 2015. The show is set to return for a fourth season in the first half of next year, with new cast…
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Film: The Rise Of Superheroes

By James Before university, my love for all things of interest to this blog was somewhat unfocused and random. Whilst I studied (or procrastinated rather), I developed a knowledge and understanding of the elements and aspects of these things that I enjoyed. One of the biggest was the growth of the superhero genre. In fact,…
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Film: Recommendation – Hector And The Search For Happiness

By James It turns out that this film wasn’t rated too highly - by pretty much every critic I have come across. The vast majority of which, basically, state how the film is swamped in schmaltz, leaving little else to be watched or appreciated. Well, I’m here to make a case for the opposite. I…
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Music: The Top 15 Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time

By Bill For me, Led Zeppelin are the greatest rock band that ever walked the Earth. By extension of that, they are also one of the greatest musical acts of all time. Because they were only around for a few years, it means that nearly the entirety of their output is solid gold and so…
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