Music: My Top 12 Song Picks For Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3

By James

It’s no secret that I am genuinely in love with James Gunn and his incredible super sci-fi, superhero blockbusters - The Guardians of the Galaxy and its sequel. Whilst I have spoken about these films in various other articles, this post has one specific topic in mind - the soundtrack.

The original soundtrack blew us away with its mix of 70’s and 80’s rock and pop hits. To a generation that did not experience this music the first-time around, it helped open a world up to a lot of young people - a world of music that maybe needed some much-loved attention from the youth of today (I’m far from a cool and hip youngster, but you know what I mean).

The thing is, with the first soundtrack being a belter and the second compilation almost meeting the same standard - the pressure is on to release a third mix that is just as good. I have no doubt Gunn and his team will nail it, but I wanted to throw my two cents in and give a few suggestions. Obviously, our blog is so huge and influential that James Gunn, Chris Pratt, and the rest of the cast and crew will, no doubt, heed our advice, contact us with job offers and credit our wisdom in the 2020 finale of my second favourite film trilogy (Lord of the Rings takes the top-spot … Sorry, Mr Gunn).

It could happen … You don’t know that it won’t … I’m good at making coffee, if it helps?

So, enough introductory babble! Here we go!


12. Alive - Pearl Jam

This entry is slow but powerful. Maybe when the team of outlaw-heroes is recovering from a fight or simply a hangover, Eddie Vedder’s purposeful and hope-filled voice can fill them with vigour again. The meaning behind the song covers a range of things, mainly a man’s discovery of his father’s true relationship to him - he’s actually a step-father. With the ‘daddy-issues’ Quill has experienced, the song could have some purpose? Either that or the drawn-out belting of being alive could feature heavily.

11. Runnin’ Down A Dream - Tom Petty

This entry is already huge, to be honest: It has been used multiple times in the NBA, it was used on the soundtrack of GTA: San Andreas, an episode of Family Guy, and featured on Guitar Hero 5. All of which is irrelevant. The now late, great Tom Petty constructed this tune with Jeff Lynne and Mike Campbell. It is a nod to the roots of music and as music plays such a huge part of Quill’s life, I thought it would make an excellent addition. The sequel will not be released for a few years but I’m sure the world will still be paying tributes to this rock n’ roll legend.


10. Doctor Doctor - UFO

Aside from the fact the band are called ‘UFO’, I think this song would fit right in. The eerie intro could be a nice touch somewhere and the song itself is about running from your problems, as far as I can tell. Specifically, when running from an angry woman (which can be terrifying…). The guitar is a driving force in itself and the whole persona of the song is quite fun and energised. It gives an ‘on-the-run’ vibe which I think works well with the general feeling of parts of these films.

9. I Can See for Miles - The Who

One of the greatest hits from The Who, ‘I Can See For Miles’ is about Pete Townshend’s ability to see his wife even when on the road, miles and miles away from her. It’s very sweet and could be worked into GotG as Quill travels miles away from Gamora? Or his mother? Obviously, the latter would require some very odd time-warping resurrection mumbo-jumbo. Then again, if anyone could make it work, James Gunn could.


8. Stay With Me - Faces

Appealing to Quill’s slightly more maverick side, this entry proposes a one-night-stand on the condition that the woman named Rita leaves the next morning...

It’s not very classy, I’ll admit, but with some clever editing and mixing, I’m sure the song could be used in a mocking or taunting sense. Whether it’s directed at Quill or another romance we are yet to discover… Drax and Mantis? It’s also a great song.

7. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Ah, now here is a real contender. The song references the foreboding end of times in an apocalyptic manner. Which evil villain has given some thought into ending a world like that? If the first two films are anything to go by, then I’m sure the third will be of a similar tune. Not only is it a dark and topical track in terms of its content, relating to these movies, it is also playful in its sinister nature.


6. Love Hurts - Nazareth

This was my first thought for a love song. Particularly between Peter and Gamora. It describes a very fierce and overwhelming love that hurts and burns like a fire. Now, if it carries on developing like it is currently, we might see this romance blossom into fireworks and commitment and fun-times...

5. Dreamer - Supertramp

Supertramp bring us a song about a man who cannot achieve his dreams as they’re out of his reach. Now, if I know anything about superheroes, it's that they usually succeed in obtaining what they want. A nice spin on this could be one of our protagonists failing in their endeavour or maybe just foreshadowing their success for the latter stages of the third film.

4. Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top

The moment ‘Cherry Bomb’ by The Runaways introduced us to the team in matching suits, I couldn’t help but think of this song. All about a man being far more appealing in a suit than when he’s not - this could be very funny if used on Drax? Imagine Drax, in a suit (or super suit), walking out to ZZ Top… Well, I thought it was funny. Even it is just used for a slow-mo walking scene for Quill - or even Rocket in a little tux, I still think it would look good (as well as sound good).


3. Rock You Like A Hurricane - The Scorpions

Number 3, Rock You Like A Hurricane, is on here for one reason and one reason only - boss fight. It’s a shame it was used in Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky, to be honest. It could have been an awesome moment when Quill bounces back from being downed, etc. Even if just the guitar solo is used, it would make an awesome backing to a gunfight, as well. It has a cocky nature about it that I think would work with Chris Pratt’s attitude in the film.

2. Shake Me - Cinderella

Cinderella are a band that I was totally unaware of until I actively went looking for more hidden 80’s rock belters. What I found was this band and, surprise-surprise, their music. ‘Shake Me’, is one of my favourites. It has a bolshie attitude about it that I really like. In one of the random bouts against multiple felons, It could be pumped out at maximum volume until the team emerge victorious. I just have panoramic shots of punches, gunfire and swords as the camera weaves its way around the protagonists as they dispatch groups or waves of good-for-nothing scalliwags.


1. 7 O’Clock - The Quireboys

The Quireboys. Unknown to me for a long time. It was only due to one of my die-hard rock fan father’s lectures on how much music I’ve missed that I became aware of the band. Turns out, they’re pretty damn awesome. They’re a bit like Sweet and a bit like Cinderella but with a Rod Stewart twist. Provided the song is used in the film at around 7 O’Clock, I see this song going down a storm. Like ‘Fox On The Run’ and ‘Hooked On A Feeling’ before that, it could become the anthem of the third film.

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper

Given that he was mentioned by name in the additional Zune scene, I thought it was only fitting to recommend a song of his that should be included. Now, I don’t mean to presume I know what’s going to happen in the third instalment to this journey but I have no doubt that shizz is going to hit the fan… It may require Quill losing his ‘Nice Guy’ side… temporarily, of course.


Well there it is… I may have taken some liberties with the introduction of the Zune with, I’m presuming, some more modern songs loaded onto it. But that’s it really, I’ve said my piece. Yes, there are literally hundreds of songs that could have been on the list. Just so, so many that I’m not even going to throw any out there.

I guess I’ll just wait for the phone call from Mr Gunn… lolledy…


If you do have any absolute corkers that should make the cut for the next film, let me know on Twitter @MugwumpBlog


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