Music: Recommendation – Night Songs by Cinderella

By James

Cinderelly, Cinderelly/ Night and day it’s Cinderelly…Okay, that’s enough of that…

Yes, I like the band Cinderella and I’m getting the jokes about the name out of the way now. They don’t wear glass slippers (that I know of) and I’m not convinced they owe their fame and fortune to a fairy Godmother…

In fact, the origins of the band are somewhat disjointed and fragmented - far from any of the childhood lies told in a fairy tale. Emerging out of the 80’s hard rock scene, they were quickly successful with multi-platinum albums and heavy MTV coverage. By the 90’s the band were in decline for a variety of reasons: Tom Keifer lost his voice due to paresis of the vocal chords, Fred Coury (the drummer) left the band and in 1995, Mercury Records dropped the band from their label. Then, after a 4 years hiatus, they were signed and dropped within the same year which plunged them into 3 years of administration.

So, it all went sideways for this epic band. They did, eventually, bring it back and are still touring to this day.

One thing that came out of the whirlwind early days, however, was their debut album - Night Songs. With it’s misleading glam-rock cover, it is a superb hard rock/heavy metal start to their career. It peaked at #3 in the US charts and was certified double-platinum 12 days later. Since then it has received triple platinum status and been used as their staple content for their live shows.

Briefly, I want to discuss the guitar. For the most part it is very Whitesnake in its style. The lead-breaks are hard and fast, leaving you with nothing but a head full of screaming guitar and intricate trills. As you can probably imagine from an 80’s rock band, most songs have a half-decent riff and solo that you’ll want to replay a couple of times before continuing with the track.

When I first gave this album a proper listen, I thought it would be a case of having a few incredible openers and a following of mediocre, noisy nonsense… But, that wasn’t the case. The opening triplet of songs - ‘Night Songs’, ‘Shake Me’ and ‘Nobody’s Fool’ are simply incredible. with the melodies being forceful and driven. The lyrics are neither here nor there, as they’re virtually shouted into your ears, but they all have catchy and belting choruses which make for epic driving music.

What follows is a barrage of tracks which could be released as singles themselves.’ Nothin’ For Nothin’, ‘Once Around The Ride’ and ‘Hell On Wheels’ are superb supporting tracks. The initial slap in the face of awe-inspiring rock leaves you in a state of wanting more but also stunned excitement. The kicker is, the next three songs respond with an almost equal profusion of vocals, drumming and raging guitar. So when you’re knackered from screaming the opening songs out at the top of your voice, you just want to continue with the next ones - the only problem is, your vocal stamina pales in comparison to Keifer’s.

And then it continues. They don’t exactly let up and fizzle out towards the end of the album. They calm down a little and the initial power of their songs start to deteriorate in ‘Somebody Save Me’, but perpetual hammering of distorted guitar and drums continues to push you on through the album into the back straight. ‘In From The Outside’, ‘Push Push’ and ‘Back Home Again’ bring the album to charged and thrilling ending. The extro of ‘Back Home Again’ being one of my favourite discoveries in recent years.

The album is just contained anger and I love it. It is high in attitude and vigour and low in consideration for your eardrums. I promise you, you’ll like it. If you’re a fan of any 80’s hard rock, then you’ll get what I’m on about with this band. I’m so happy I found them and I hope you will be as well. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @MugwumpBlog

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