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By James

If you’ve followed us for any length of time then you’ll know that I have something of a fascination with superheroes. I love the action, the stories, their abilities, the escapism, and varying other aspects of their being. It wasn’t long ago that I ranked the Top 10 superhero films to date and following on in the same vein, this list presents the Top 10 superheroes and supervillains that I want to see in films.

I’ll just say now that there are plenty of superheroes I have not included. There are so many that I’m sure some would make brilliant films but these are the ones I would like to see for varying reasons. They aren’t necessarily the right choice or even ranked in a logical order, but they’re my choice and my order... So, yeah!

But really, I hope you agree as all the characters included are some of my (and Bill’s) favourites. Kick back and enjoy the ride. Some of these guys are intense.

10. Blade

I know what you’re thinking, “Blade already has a trilogy of films. They’re not even that bad” and you would be correct. But, they aren’t as good as they could be. Imagine if the Blade films were made by Marvel, within the MCU, now that they have the rights back. They would be awesome! A half-vampire, half-human with a samurai sword and twin pistols included in the same universe as Dr. Strange and Thanos. It might take a bit of work in order for the character to gel with the rest, but I see it working.

I mean, if the film isn’t an appealing idea, then how about a Netflix series? A dark and mysterious vampire series would feel right at home with Marvel’s sinister TV collection. Would it not?

9. Enchantress

After DC’s questionable attempt at bringing their Enchantress to life in Suicide Squad, I think it is time for Marvel to show them how it is done. As one of Thor’s greatest enemies, she would slot right into one of his movies. Again, the magic element could prove to be another platform for Dr. Strange (we love Dr. Strange) to get involved.

That being said, I’m not 100% sure where Thor is going. It looks like Thor, as we know him, is going to change with Ragnarok and we may need to wait and see what happens before we commission this film with Marvel; like Universal, they’re reading our blog, and like Universal, they listen to everything we say...

8. Mr. Sinister

Nathaniel Essex is one of the most iconic Marvel supervillains of all time. He’s primarily seen fighting the X-men and he is not someone you’d like to get on the wrong side of - with horrendously overpowered abilities and best mates with the likes of Apocalypse, he’s probably not the friendliest face you could hope to meet.

If I’m totally honest, I’d like to see this character in a ‘perfect world’ scenario. What I mean by that is if Marvel somehow manages to get the rights back to the X-Men and all their other affiliations. That way, we can have one giant mash-up of Guardians, X-Men, and Avengers in one 3 hour super-epic, mammoth, uber-film of gloriousness.
7. Nightcrawler

Again, I know he’s been done before, but he was awesome, wasn’t he? He did not get enough screen time and was one of the fan favourites from X-2. So, why was he not used more? Why isn’t there a film expanding on his background and varying adventures he could have gotten up to? He’s basically a blue devil-man with the ability to teleport. He’s just so cool!

Now that I think about it, he’d go very well with Blade, in a mysterious, dark and foreboding Netflix series. I guess it would be like The Defenders but it would be a group made up of freaky, ominous looking characters that are shunned from society but actually want to do good.

No, I don’t want to talk about his most recent incarnation...
6. Moon Knight

Marvel has made a lot of superhero films. Some not so great, some good, and some brilliant. But something they have never been able to do is top Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Now, I don’t think they’re ever going to whilst they play with characters much more colourful and heroic than Christian Bale’s Batman. They need to fight fire with fire (or dark with dark, rather).

It would be a challenge, I don’t deny that. Moon Knight isn’t exactly the most famous character in the Marvel universe - however, what he does have, is an interesting story and badass set of powers. As you might expect, he’s most powerful during a full moon, but what you don’t know, is that the Egyptian God of the moon chose him to be his champion on earth and imbued him with power.

Okay, it’s maybe a little more far-fetched than the Batman origin story...
5. Onslaught

Onslaught, in a word, is phenomenal. His origin story is also seriously hard-core. In one timeline, Prof. Xavier and Magneto go head to head (with lackeys in tow). Magneto uses his powers to tear the skeleton out of Wolverine. In a blind rage, Xavier shuts down Magneto’s mind. What follows is the birth of Onslaught. Magneto’s hatred, malice and anger are transferred into Xavier’s mind – where it then awakens all of Charles’ pain and suffering he has kept locked away since he discovered his power. The result of which was one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel canon.

I’m not sure I really need to say anymore... Two of the most powerful mutants, ever to exist, combined and unleashed on an unquenchable path of destruction. Damn!
4. Carnage

Following on from the same ‘supreme evil being’ kind-of-vibe that Onslaught gave us, comes Carnage. Basically, after the venom symbiote took hold of Spiderman (and essentially gained clones of his abilities) it became the Carnage symbiote. Now, if that wasn’t bad enough, it found its way to a new host, Cletus Kasady – a serial killer. This mix of alien power, Spiderman’s abilities, and the mind of a psychopath created Carnage...

He’s not nice. In fact, he’s really not nice. Between him and Onslaught, we have two contenders for the most devastating villain yet. I’m seriously hoping Carnage is the villain in the MCU Spiderman sequel. Tom Holland would, no doubt, have his work cut out with this monster. Especially with a Venom film lurking in the background? Spidey and Venom team up to take him on? I think that’s how this shindig is meant to go down.
3. Gambit

It would seem that film-makers have a habit of ruining some of my favourite Marvel characters. Gambit is one of them. I don’t really know what it is about him, but he’s just damn cool. Kinetically charged cards and a quarterstaff, he just looks so slick – he is one classy Cajun! He also has intrinsic links to a few characters in this list, so could even be included with other characters like Mr. Sinister and Bishop.

Bryan Singer has mentioned that Gambit could be included in the next X-Men film, X-Men: Dark Phoenix (despite it being so royally butchered last time...). Now, this film and the recent X-Men films are a whole discussion for another time, so I’m not going to go into it too much. I just hope they don’t turn Gambit into a 2-Dimensional pleb dedicated to exposition like last time... He becomes the horseman of death at one point, for goodness sake!
2. Bishop

Oh, Bish. I really like Bishop and despite the disagreements, Bill and I have had over the level of his power, I still think he is s**t-hot. In my opinion, his character was murdered in his X-Men film incarnation (both literally and metaphorically). He was given a secondary role which is criminal as he has some of the best abilities and stories out of everyone!

For starters, he absorbs energy. Granted, they made that obvious in the film, but they only really showed it when he was being cooked alive. Secondly, he can travel in time! That’s, basically, his main deal! (provided Cable has nothing to do with it). Why is Kitty Pryde sending Wolverine back on his own through some crazy time travelling nonsense that is not canon when it’s Kitty that goes back? Bishop and Kitty can just jump back together? I know Wolverine was the favourite character so they rode that wave, but still...

I don’t even care... I just want Bishop back and I want him to be super powerful...
1. Penance

Penance? Who’s Penance? Well, let me tell you...

More commonly known as ‘Speedball’, (well, he was before his life went sideways...) he’s my wildcard in this list. He was originally your everyday hero, much like Spiderman. His abilities are slightly confusing, but he can essentially manipulate kinetic energy to his will - whether it is used for propulsion, stored in balls of energy for later use, or intensified as a weapon.

Now, you may think that sounds kind of generic and boring, but the events of the ‘Stamford Crisis’ changed everything. Nitro, (and exploding criminal) killed 612 civilians, including 60 children in one of his blasts. Speedball was the only survivor, saved by his kinetic field and ability to reflect some of the energy (He was launched 500 miles away, though...). His guilt and subsequent treatment by all of those he loved, drove him insane. After believing his powers to be ‘burned out’, he then discovered they were now triggered by pain. One suit of armour with 612 inward spikes (one for each victim) later, he became Penance. A force for good with a very disturbing and hated persona.

He’s also in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 which is epic and he is incredible…

There we go then, my Top 10 all done. As I said before, I’m sure there are hundreds of others that could make brilliant films. I could easily think of another 10...

There are that many out there in the Marvel universe that I’m sure I’ve missed some epic characters. If you know of any really good ones then please let me know on Twitter @MugwumpBlog.

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