Gaming: The Top 5 Assassin’s Creed Games

By Bill There was a time when the words Assassins and Creed filled people’s hearts with excitement and joy. Unfortunately, as is the case with Call of Duty, the Assassin’s Creed series has ground out all the enjoyment we all once felt and that is solely down to regurgitating the same game year in, year…
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Gaming: Top 10 Xbox Exclusives of all Time

By Bill People who argue in the online console wars are stupid and moronic and should probably be euthanised … especially anyone who has referred to themselves as a member of the ‘PC Master Race’ … eugh! … When it comes down to Xbox and PlayStation, the only real argument (that has any degree of…
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Gaming: Top 5 Games That Are Just As Good To Watch As They Are To Play

By James Over the years, many incredible games have been released that primarily focus on a single player set-up, with the potential for multiplayer not always possible; either because it’s not an option or a controller is dead and you’ve run out of batteries, etc. This then leads to two options: 1. You don’t play…
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Gaming: The Top 6 Troy Baker Video Game Performances

By  Bill Last week on our big launch day I wrote an article about Nolan North’s top 6 video game performances and within that list I threatened to do one about Troy Baker … and so here it is. Troy Baker is, in my opinion, an even better performer than North, however the difference is…
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Gaming: Top 5 Nolan North Video Game Performances

By Bill If I may be so bold, I consider Nolan North to be the Nathan Fillion of video games … although Nathan Fillion has had successful forays into the world of video game voice acting himself (the Halo series, most famously). Nolan North possesses a charm that makes him stand out from the other…
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