Gaming: The Top 10 Scariest Videogames of All Time

By Bill Okay, I make no secret that I’m a coward when it comes to videogames, but as Halloween is right around the corner, I have braved the dark corridors of gaming horror and have compiled the scariest games known to console and PC! Prepare to feel like something’s watching you from afar … or…
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Gaming: My Top 8 Toughest and Meanest Baddies

By James If you’ve ever played a game, even a primitive one, then you’ll know that one of the highlights are the boss battles. These epic conflicts requiring patience, skill, focus, and all the various things you’ve learnt throughout the game so far make for (sometimes) the most exciting and climactic showdowns. However, there are…
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Gaming: The Top 7 Lord of the Rings Videogames … So Far!

By Bill Since the mid-50s when The Lord of the Rings was first published (The Hobbit was much earlier), the world has pretty much been obsessed with all things Tolkien, including everyone from rock stars like Led Zeppelin, all the way through basement dwelling Dungeons and Dragons masters, and all the way up to movie…
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Gaming: The Top 10 Videogame Sequels of All Time

By Bill The word ‘sequel’ is often seen as dirty, particularly in the world of cinema where they are little more than cheap, money-grabbing tie ins, with little to no value (with some notable exceptions, of course, like Aliens, T2: Judgement Day, and The Godfather Part II). This doesn’t apply to planned trilogies and sagas,…
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Gaming: The Top 7 Movie Tie-In Videogames

By Bill As a rule, whenever a movie studio releases a tie-in videogame to try and sponge some more money from the cinema-going public, it ends disastrously. The second-hand bins at any local videogame shop are littered with old FIFAs and movie tie-ins. They are so bad, they could even have their own dictionary definition…
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Gaming: Recommendation – Oxenfree

By Bill Oxenfree is currently free with Games with Gold for this month and I suggest you go and download it, pronto. Oxenfree belongs to a group of indie games that last for between 2 and 5 hours and leave a massive impression on you; staying with you for days and weeks after you’ve finished…
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Gaming: Recommendation – Spore

By James Am I back with another recommendation for a dated PC game that I should probably move on from and find bigger and better things to do with my time? Yes… But in my defence, this one is not as old as some of the others I’ve spoken about in the past. The amount…
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Gaming: The Main Series Pokémon Games Ranked: Worst to Best

By Bill With the upcoming release of the sequel to Pokémon Sun & Moon nearly here, I thought I’d take a look at the series so far, from its humble beginnings on the original Gameboy back in the mid-90s to today, where it has grown to become one of the biggest franchises in the world,…
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Gaming: Recommendation – Impossible Creatures

By James I’m back with another RTS! I know you’re excited about it, so I’m just going to crack on (I really like to think you are, so apologies if you’re not. I can’t imagine you’re here for my charming personality and dashingly good looks…). Impossible Creatures landed in 2003. Big things were riding on…
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Gaming: Top 8 Superhero Videogames of All Time

By Bill James recently took everyone through a list of the greatest superhero movies of all time, so I thought I’d see what the world of videogames had to offer the universe of cape wearing do-gooders. Often, superhero videogames are reduced to cheap movie tie-ins with little value in their own right, however, there have…
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