Film: Review – Gerald’s Game

By Bill Netflix is back with another sure-fire hit … This time a movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel Gerald’s Game … the world has gone Stephen King crazy this year …  Now, I am a Stephen King fan and have read a whole bunch of his novels, however I haven’t ever managed to…
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Film: Review – Blade Runner 2049

By Bill I need to preface this review of - quite possibly the best sci-fi film of the century - Blade Runner 2049, by saying that I went to the cinema with James and he booked the tickets for an area of the room where there was next to no leg space … seeing as…
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Film: Review – Kingsman: The Golden Circle

By James Hello, all. I do hope you excuse me whilst I dive straight into this one. It’s rattled my cage a little and I need to get a few things off my chest. There is a scene in Kingsman: The Golden Circle that has aided the flood of negative reviews this film has received...…
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Film: Review – The Limehouse Golem

By James As someone who is not overly into literature that does not have magic, swords, space travel or laser guns in it, I was not the keenest of chaps to see this Peter Ackroyd novel on the big screen. It was my Gothic-loving girlfriend that convinced me it would be worth the watch. Sceptical…
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Film: Review – Dunkirk

By James The Dunkirk evacuation was one of the most impressive feats of civilian intervention during war time, to date. A myriad of fishing vessels, trawlers and the like were called upon to rescue some 400,000 British troops from the beaches at Dunkirk; surrounded by Nazis, with an ever-decreasing perimeter. Time was of the essence…
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