Film: A Look at the Loveable Rogue

By James The loveable rogue is a character archetype used far and wide: in literature, film, TV, video games ... and any other media where characters are involved. As the name would suggest, people like them. They’re usually witty, handsome, daring, and have a tendency to bend the rules. For the purposes of this article,…
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Film: The Man That Is, Jon Favreau

By James Jon Favreau is a legend. There, done, article finished... To be honest, that sums up my opinion of him, but I’m sure you’re more interested in why I think this. Well, I shall happily oblige and indulge in some information about this magnificent man. This New Yorker is a Jack-of-all-trades and, arguably, master…
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Film: The Rise Of Superheroes

By James Before university, my love for all things of interest to this blog was somewhat unfocused and random. Whilst I studied (or procrastinated rather), I developed a knowledge and understanding of the elements and aspects of these things that I enjoyed. One of the biggest was the growth of the superhero genre. In fact,…
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Film: Chef vs Burnt

By James I love cooking. I love food. In fact it was my love of cooking and food that led me to becoming a chef for a few years (an obvious career choice you might think). You’d be right, of course, until the sleep-deprived, malnourished, over-worked, under-paid, alcohol and coffee fuelled existence started to take…
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TV: Occupation – Propaganda Or Proper Good Show?

By James Back in 2009 I happened upon this cheeky BBC, 3-part drama by complete accident. After thoroughly enjoying James Nesbitt’s performance in Jekyll (One of my favourite TV programmes of all time), I had to see if Nesbitt was just as good in everything he does. As it happens, he is. I guess this…
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TV: Black Mirror Season 4 Announced!

By James The series, Black Mirror, has slowly crept up on the world in recent years with its dark and scarily realistic depiction of our species' future and now, Netflix has announced the titles of each episode in the 4th season. Each episode is a standalone story - usually following the daily struggles of one…
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Film: Hellboy 3 vs The Hellboy Reboot

By James The Hellboy film duet has and always will be one of my favourites. From the stone-fisted, red Ron Perlman to the scaled, blue Doug Jones, I thoroughly enjoyed the style and execution the films achieved from these gritty, dark comics. The first instalment introduced a myriad of characters into my life, almost all…
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Film: Guardians Of The Galaxy vs Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

By James Now that the second instalment of James Gunn’s galactic phenomenon has been allowed to percolate in our brains for a while, I thought it was high time to decide which was better. Given the first was a world-wide phenomenon, the second had to be pretty special to even have a hope in topping…
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Film: A Triad of Web-Heads – Spiderman In The 21st Century

By James Spiderman has seen more than his fair share of face-lifts since the turn of the millennium. This Marvel favourite has been axed and recommissioned several times over the last decade and a half. He’s been thrown around like a red latex-ed rag doll. But which Spidey is better? Through creative or political disagreements,…
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Film: Universal! You’re building the Dark Universe wrong!

By James So, the title may be a bit brash and unreserved... The thing is though, I got very, very, very excited over this announcement. My mind raced before I discovered what the Dark Universe actually was: a re-hash of all their previous monster movies... Why!? Come up with something original! I’ve quite possibly come…
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