Monthly Archives: August 2017

Music: The Top 10 Long Songs of All Time

By Bill Every Thursday morning at just a little past 8:00am, Chris Evans sounds the ‘Long Song Gong’ on his BBC2 Breakfast Show. This has got me thinking about long songs and what makes a great ‘long song’ and which are the best ones ever written. With this in mind, I have taken the foolish…
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Film: Guardians Of The Galaxy vs Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 2

By James Now that the second instalment of James Gunn’s galactic phenomenon has been allowed to percolate in our brains for a while, I thought it was high time to decide which was better. Given the first was a world-wide phenomenon, the second had to be pretty special to even have a hope in topping…
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Film: Top 6 Sigourney Weaver Films

By Bill Sigourney Weaver is a goddess. She may not have the top tier acting talents of Meryl Streep or Helen Mirren, but she oozes charisma. Whether she’s exploding Xenomorphs; spewing out iconic lines; or simply popping her head out for a cameo, she exudes everything a female Hollywood super star should.   Weaver is…
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Gaming: Top 5 Games That Are Just As Good To Watch As They Are To Play

By James Over the years, many incredible games have been released that primarily focus on a single player set-up, with the potential for multiplayer not always possible; either because it’s not an option or a controller is dead and you’ve run out of batteries, etc. This then leads to two options: 1. You don’t play…
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Literature: Top 6 War Novels

By Bill War is an incredibly difficult thing to write about and because of this it’s also a difficult thing to list the ‘best war novels’. War is horrendous, however, it does seem to inspire writers to create some beautiful and original works of ‘fiction’ that drill down to the very core of warfare and…
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