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Film: Top 10 Superhero Movies

By James So, this list has been in production for quite some time. This super-powered Top 10 has required the collaboration of both me and Bill in order to do it justice (league? No, no justice league... They’re not even close). It took a great deal of time to weigh up each film’s value to…
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TV: Occupation – Propaganda Or Proper Good Show?

By James Back in 2009 I happened upon this cheeky BBC, 3-part drama by complete accident. After thoroughly enjoying James Nesbitt’s performance in Jekyll (One of my favourite TV programmes of all time), I had to see if Nesbitt was just as good in everything he does. As it happens, he is. I guess this…
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Gaming: All Halo Games Ranked

By Bill I’ve spoken before about what an incredibly influential videogame series Halo is, however that doesn’t mean that at times it’s not better than at others. Halo is clever enough to not fall into the COD trap of releasing a new game every year and so when a new game is announced, it becomes…
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Literature: 6 Children’s Book that are Actually for Adults

By Bill We all love a good children’s book every now and again, however most of us read them for their inherent nostalgia. There are a handful of books out there, though, that can be read and thoroughly enjoyed at any age, and I have a sneaking suspicion, that they weren’t even written for adults…
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TV: Recommendation – Will & Grace

By Bill As we approach the return of Will & Grace, I thought I’d take a look back at the original series. One of the stars of the show (I can’t remember who … and I can’t be bothered to do research) said that the show needs to be brought back because the world was…
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TV: Recommendation – Better Call Saul

By James This recommendation is aimed at those who have seen Breaking Bad but cannot face the prospect that the critically acclaimed spin-off Better Call Saul is equally as leaden-footed as its predecessor (or at least in parts of it). Well, I’m not here to tell you that it’s not. In certain episodes, the energy…
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Music: The Top 15 David Bowie Songs of All Time

By Bill I originally set out to write a top 10, but when I got out my Bowie collection I realised that would be impossible and so had to bump it up to 15, which was still excruciatingly painful. I understand that this list is going to be extremely divisive, as Bowie was so prolific…
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TV: Black Mirror Season 4 Announced!

By James The series, Black Mirror, has slowly crept up on the world in recent years with its dark and scarily realistic depiction of our species' future and now, Netflix has announced the titles of each episode in the 4th season. Each episode is a standalone story - usually following the daily struggles of one…
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Gaming: Age Of Empires II – A Golden Oldie, Not a Mouldy Oldie

By James With Microsoft’s announcement of Age Of Empires IV and with II & III getting remastered, definitive versions, I have felt the need to try and spread the word about these glorious games; games that have stood the test of time, despite the bashing they get here, there and everywhere. They’re nearly two decades…
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