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TV: Recommendation – Black Mirror

By James I love Black mirror. It is amaze-balls. If Charlie Brooker’s sci-fi series is not scaring the faecal matter out of me it’s making me regret ever associating myself with social media, technology or even owning a mobile phone! Okay, so I’m not selling it very well, but nor am I exaggerating. I can…
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Film: A Triad of Web-Heads – Spiderman In The 21st Century

By James Spiderman has seen more than his fair share of face-lifts since the turn of the millennium. This Marvel favourite has been axed and recommissioned several times over the last decade and a half. He’s been thrown around like a red latex-ed rag doll. But which Spidey is better? Through creative or political disagreements,…
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Film: Review – Dunkirk

By James The Dunkirk evacuation was one of the most impressive feats of civilian intervention during war time, to date. A myriad of fishing vessels, trawlers and the like were called upon to rescue some 400,000 British troops from the beaches at Dunkirk; surrounded by Nazis, with an ever-decreasing perimeter. Time was of the essence…
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TV: Only Connect is Back Tonight!

By Bill BOOM! My favourite quiz is back on tonight. Don’t miss Only Connect on BBC 2 at 8:30pm!   The show has a similar difficulty to University Challenge, but without a complete and utter cock-womble of a host: Paxman should really think about retiring to the pit of putrefied filth he crawled out of…
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Music: Top 10 Rock Guitar Solos

By James  I appreciate this post is a bold one. Whilst compiling this list I was threatened, by a certain someone, to have my eyes plucked out as a punishment for disagreeing with his opinion... (of course, it was Bill. He’s a delightful co-blogger, he really is...) So, before I get started on this list,…
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Film: The Top 5 David Fincher Movies

By Bill Ever since David Fincher released his second full-length feature film, Se7en in 1995 he has been carving a name out for himself in Hollywood and is now considered one of the best directors of his generation. He rarely puts a foot wrong and has created some of the most talked about movies of…
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Music: Mercury Shortlist Announced!

By James  The Mercury Prize (formerly the Mercury Music Prize) is one of the UK’s most illustrious music awards. It is an annual prize for the best album from the UK and Ireland, and today, the shortlist was released (as was the Booker Longlist, should you be so inclined). The list includes many top-billed artists, including one…
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Literature: Booker Longlist Announced!

By Bill Well it’s that time of year again: the time when I spend weeks counting down the days until the reveal of the Booker prize winner. I’ve had my first fix of Booker-y goodness today with the reveal of the Longlist … the first steps to Literary Nirvana where I get to gorge on…
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Music: The Recorded Evolution of Imagine Dragons

By James This Indie band was skirting around the peripherals of my music-radar for some time before my cousin enlightened me. He told me to check out the Night Visions album. However, when I went to search for this new, intriguing group with a name that was all too attractive, the content was blocked. It…
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